HP 30000 Rarity Boss Attack Damage 50 (contact) 100 (Spinning attack) Defense 25 50 (While spinning) Drops 20-30 Souls of Fright 5-15 Greater Healing Potions Summoned By Mechanical Skull Immune To Confused, Poisoned

Skeletron Prime is made out of metal and is the Hardmode version of Skeletron. There are 5 different parts of Skeletron Prime; His Head, the Prime Laser, Prime Vice, Prime Saw, and the Prime Cannon. His head charges occasionally, spawning a spike ring and dealing massive damage; the Prime Laser obviously shoots lasers at the player; the Prime Vice is one of SP's two melee weapons, but this is the less-damaging one; the Prime Saw is the more damaging of the melee weapons that SP has, and the Prime Cannon shoots bombs that don't damage the environment. He Is a Dangerous boss so it's recomended to have Excalibur, Adamantite Armor and/or any other hardcore weapons like Crystal Storm.